November 29, 2021


National Economic Research Center is a dialogue and advocacy think tank. We critically seek to examine the challenges faced by the country and aid in policy responses towards making Pakistan a strong and developed state.

NERC brings new ideas into the policy discourse and provide a platform to a new generation of thinkers. It is supported in its mission by leading intellectuals, academicians, policymakers, business leaders, institutions and civil society actors.

As Pakistan embarks on a transition of engagement with international order, evoking a need for fresh dialogue, NERC would provide platform for new generation of thinkers, fresh perspectives and solutions.

NERC aims at giving a platform to voices from various walks of life to question the dominant narrative. It provides non-partisan, independent, well-researched analysis and inputs to diverse decision-makers in governments, business communities, and academia and to civil society around the world.

Our mission is to conduct research, provide inclusive platforms and invest in tomorrow’s thought leaders today.

NERC believes Pakistan needs policy research institutes to address the challenges the country currently faces. Our mandate is to inform the public through constant engagement of dialogue, research and advocacy that can drive evidence based policymaking and informed public opinion in Pakistan.