November 29, 2021

Aptma Speaks Up Against Non-Implementation Of Exports Support Package

The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) in a protest against the non-implementation of export support package, wrote letters to all related government bodies, including the PM office. The support package was approved last year and included subsidies on electricity and gas prices for the export sector. The gas prices were to be reduced by 7.5%, mixed gas was to be provided at a rate of $6.5 per unit and the domestic gas was to be supplied at the rate of Rs780 per unit MMBtu.

In a letter to various government bodies including the PM office, Aptma called upon the federal cabinet to review the subsidies issue in it’s upcoming meeting on Oct 1. They wrote in their letter that, “Very painfully and regretfully we want to highlight the two decisions of the cabinet that have not been implemented and have been scuttled in a manner whereby the purpose of the policy decisions has been defeated.”

The association said that the decision was affecting their exports and if no decision is taken soon, the textile exports would be rendered uncompetitive. They added that since last year, the policy has not been implemented due to irresponsible behavior from different levels of the government. The Aptma further claimed that not only were the subsidies were not being provided, the Distribution companies also started to collect Rs1.80 per unit quarterly adjustment charges.

They also complained that Karachi Electric was not ready to implement the subsidies, as per the decision of the government. The KE officials, in an attempt to clarify the matter, said that the power division had provided no clarification regarding the matter. The letter further said that the finance ministry has not released payments to the SBGPL for months now and the Aptma’s calls regarding not receiving the export support package are still being ignored.


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