October 28, 2021

According to a circular issued by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the ADB has approved a $75 million loan for the Sindh educational sector. ADB officials said that the project is aimed at providing better educational infrastructure in Sindh and would help improve the literacy rate of the province.

According to reports, Pakistan has 22.8 million children who remain out of the schools and over 22% of these children are in Sindh. The ADB scheme would be aimed at providing better infrastructure and quality education in the secondary school system of Sindh.

ADB’s Principal Education Specialist for Central and West Asia Norman LaRocque said that, “Given the province’s strategic location, economic importance, and young workforce, Sindh has the potential to transform itself into a key driver of economic growth and development in Pakistan.”

The funds would be used for the Sindh Secondary Education Improvement Project and would finance the construction of 160 new secondary school blocks within the existing school compounds. the project is worth $82.5 million of which $7.5 million would be given by Pakistan’s government and the rest would be financed by ADB loan. The loan would also be used to promote female student’s enrollment in the schools and includes construction of separate common rooms and other facilities for them.

Muhammad Asad

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