August 5, 2021

Asian Development Bank Halts Further Payment For The Peshawar BRT Project

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) had conducted a survey of the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit, in March 2019 and the on ground team of the ADB pointed out major flaws in the project. According to the team, the project was not going according to plan and the material used for the construction was inferior then required.

ADB pointed out “critical” flaws in the system, which included the following:

  • The lane width was less than 6.5 meters on station 10, 12, 15 and 26, which could cause a collision between the passing BRT busses.
  • Inferior quality of construction material, ADB said that it could affect the reputation of the project at an international level
  • Slippery tiles used on the platforms
  • Directional arrows were not installed
  • The platforms docking stations were not constructed as planned and hence, they could cause damage to the busses.
  • The roof of the platform at some stations did not cover the whole platform and would leave many passengers exposed in the event of rainfall.
  • The ADB advised the government to use anti-cut and anti-climb fencing, but on the suggestion of former CM KPK Pervez Khattak the material used was changed which could be, “broken and stolen” easily.

The ADB has already said that they will halt all further payments until the deficiencies pointed out are corrected. Pakistan is already looking towards other sources of financing for the project and is looking towards France to provide a further PKR 19 billion for the project.

These deficiencies would now lead to further delay in the project, which is already behind schedule. The original cost of the project was around PKR 50 billion and now it has increased to PKR 70 billion.

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