August 4, 2021

Cabinet Members Getting Skeptical Over Their Own Government’s Performance

It is common for the opposition party to criticize the government even on the pettiest issues; however, it is quite uncommon for the elected members of the government to start getting critical over their own government’s performance. This is exactly what the situation is turning out to be in Pakistan.

The government officials are finally starting to feel the ground realities and are realizing that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for their tenure are not being met. For instance, Former Finance Minister Asad Umar believes that the government’s efforts to cater to the poor segment are not going in the right direction. He argues that although programs like Ehsaas and Benazir Income Support program are very important, the condition of the poor simply cannot improve without improving the economic condition of Pakistan.

Members of the ruling party such as Noor Alam and Sheikh Rashid Shafique argued that the government was unable to achieve it’s targets. They said that the most important responsibilities of the government, such as Education, health, providing clean drinking water and affordable energy, are being neglected. Sheikh said that instead of improvement in these areas, these core functions of the government are rather getting worse. They complained about the shortage of funds and said that more efforts are needed to improve the statuesque.

Many such members of the ruling party complained regarding similar issues. Noor Alam added that the situation of health and educational facilities in the Capital of the country were getting even worse, how can the rest of the country improve. He added that the state of major health facilities like PIMS Islamabad, Lady Reading, Khyber Medical Institute and other such facilities, is in Shambles. He argued that one could not bear the filth lying around in such hospitals and how can such facilities provide quality health care.

MNA Ali Nawaz Khan complained that rather working towards achieving the SDGs, the conditions even in the capital were getting worse. He said that clean drinking water in the Capital is becoming a dream and the contamination level is alarming. He said that how can the government focus on issues like gender equality and climate change when the basic necessities of life are being neglected.

Other members of the cabinet argued that the increase in prices of gas, electricity, roti and increasing inflation are making the condition worse for a common person in Pakistan. They argued that how can a man survive in such harsh conditions.


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