August 5, 2021

CFO Of P&G Meets PM Imran Khan

Talking to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Procter and Gamble (P&G) Jon R. Moeller, on Thursday 8 August 2019, the PM Imran Khan assured the CFO of full support from Pakistan’s government for the company. The PM added that the country is trying everything it can do to support local and foreign businesses. He further added that Pakistan with it’s ideal geographical location, a huge population of 220 million people and one of the cheapest workforces in the world, can offer a variety of opportunities to the investors. Moreover, the PM highlighted the relaxations in taxation given to the export-oriented industry and said that businesspersons should avail the benefits being provided by the pro-business policies of the government.

Jon Moeller briefed the PM about the business activities of P&G and highlighted the efforts of the company regarding creating jobs in the country and bringing in more FDIs. He added that the company has been operating in Pakistan for almost three decades and has invested massively in the country and plans to invest even further in the future. PM commended the efforts of the company and said that the country is moving towards a better future and the government is taking several steps to facilitate business activities in the country.

Moeller said that the support received from Pakistan’s government, over the years has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the company in the country. He further added that Pakistan has a lot to offer and the potential for growth in the country is massive. Experts say that Pakistan, with a population of almost 220 million people, is a huge potential market that can never be neglected.

Moller further added that the company has invested almost $150 million in it’s fixed assets in Pakistan and plans to invest a further $50 million in the country for establishing a P&G hair care center, which shows P&G’s confidence in the future of the country.

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