November 29, 2021

Deputy Commissioners Would Be Accountable For Any Benami Property In Their Jurisdiction: PM

The PM has directed the deputy commissioners to find out any Benami properties in their respective jurisdictions and bring it into the tax net. The decision was taken by the PM on Friday, through a letter sent from the PM house. The PM highlighted the government’s resolve to document the economy at all costs.

The PM said that every deputy commissioner has to register Benami properties in his/her jurisdiction. He said that the deputy commissioner and the head of development authority would issue a certificate, after a prior investigation that no Benami property exists in their jurisdiction anymore. He also said that if any property is found to be un-registered at a later stage, the district commissioner would be held accountable and would have to face the law.

He said that reports of this activity have to be sent to the FBR by the end of the next month. The PM also said that the provincial governments need to adopt a proactive approach in resolving the issue of Benami properties, through the concerned authorities.

The PM, earlier this month also formed a six-member Benami Information Processing Committee to function as an investigative agency against the Benami assets. FBR official Nausheen Javed Amjad has have been appointed as the coordinator of the committee, which includes members from the Inter-Service Intelligence Agency, Intelligence Bureau, Federal Investigation Agency, State Bank of Pakistan and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The committee would assess the data of Benami assets and would guide the respective institutions regarding their performance.

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