October 28, 2021

FBR Requests Local Administration Bodies To Provide Data Of Benami Properties

Acting on the PM’s directives of acing against the Benami properties, the FBR has cracked down on the Benami assets holders and has asked the local administration to point out any Benami asset in their jurisdiction. The FBR has requested the information of such properties from the Provincial Revenue Department, Development Authorities and ICT Administration. FBR gave a briefing to the senior officials of these departments regarding Benami laws and informed the officials on how to identify such properties.

FBR had previously requested the Assistant Commissioners regarding the details of Benami assets and given them strict instructions that if any Benami property is found in their respective jurisdiction after a certain time limit, then the local administration would have to face the law.

The government has started a countrywide austerity drive to document the local economy. For this purpose, the government had to adopt unpopular means and issued several thousand notices to Benami property holders. Currently, the government is investigating 79 Benami Property owners who own 104 different Benami properties. Among these cases, 15 cases include properties worth Rs4 billion and one case includes 7,128 kanals of land which is worth Rs700 million.

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