November 29, 2021

Government Offers Agricultural Programme Of PKR 309.7 Billion

The state of Pakistan has announced a total 309 billion rupee programme for the progress of the agriculture sector.

Under this programme, 16 projects are initiated in the agricultural sector. These projects are introduced for PKR 44.8 billion in an attempt to build major crop production and promote oilseed manufacturing.

This program was designed on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan.  Moreover, this program includes thirteen programs in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and livestock.

These projects will be approved by ECNEC (EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL) this month, and practical research on these projects will begin in a matter of two weeks.

It is stated by Jahangir Tareen that both the federal and provincial governments will add to the 309 billion rupees agricultural program. He further reported that the agriculture sector was neglected in the past. He also said that without spending enough resources on the agricultural industry, the agricultural yield cannot be improved.

This program will improve the production of wheat, rice, maize and oilseeds. This will also improve and uplift the living standards of the farmers. This program is especially initiated to support poor farmers. The PTI leader said these policies in this sector include protecting the calf and cattle fattening program to improve the manufacturing and export of meat. He also said chickens will be supplied at subsidized prices in an attempt to relieve poverty.

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