November 29, 2021

Government To Reorganize Trade Development Authority: Abdul Razak Dawood

Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood has said that the government is planning to reorganize the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, whose primary focus is to facilitate exports of the country. He was chairing a meeting of TDAP and Ministry of Commerce (MoC) senior officials on Thursday, where he highlighted the fact that the TDAP needs to increase its Human Resource capacity and should induct more professional employees from the private sector to reorganize the TDAP if necessary.

Dawood also said that the TDAP should also focus on the export of services and not just limit it’s focus to exports of goods. The Commerce Advisor was briefed about the challenges faced by the TDAP and their possible solutions. The government has also appointed the former Finance Secretary Arif Ahmad Khan as the TDAP’s new head.

The TDAP is a wing of the Ministry of Commerce tasked with enhancing exports of the country. It was formed back in 2006 for replacing the Export Promotion Bureau but over the years it has deviated from its designated tasks and its manpower is being utilized in a manner which was never intended for them.

Dawood highlighted the fact that the authority needed to have skilled human resources who are well equipped to handle the tasks that they are appointed for. He said that the body can also request for the input of the private sector if they feel the need to do so.Currently the TDAP is headquartered in Karachi and it lacks the human resource capacity that it requires to function.

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