November 29, 2021

Gwadar Port Opens For Transit Trade

The Ministry of maritime Affairs in a briefing to the sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs, on Tuesday, said that the Gwadar Port has been opened for transit trade and the first shipment for the Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) would arrive by next week on Oct 8 at Gwadar and the shipments would gradually increase.

Governor of the Senate sub-committee Senator Khuda Babar appreciated the efforts of the Maritime officials. The officials said that the main competitors of Gwadar port are the Dubai port and the Singapore port and Gwadar port authorities have provided incentives, such as no cargo demurrage charges and three months storage facility, to increase competitiveness of Gwadar port.

The committee also discussed the plans regarding fish processing and fish waste dumping and processing units. The ministry informed the sub-committee that he Chinese companies willing to install such facilities at Gwadar won’t be subject to any additional taxes. The committee also pointed out that the legal framework for foreign investors, willing to invest in such facilities is ready. As per the legislation, the foreign firms willing to invest in Gwadar would have to hire a local workforce for jobs. The members of the meeting also discussed the issue of transport of fish and agreed that there should be a national policy on transport and other matters of maritime fishing.

The committee also discussed the issue of the internet at Gwadar. They were briefed that an agreement had been made with Ptcl in Rs14 million, who would work along with the China Overseas ports holding Company Pakistan Pvt. Limited to complete an optic fiber project at Gwadar.

The meeting was attended by Senator Maula Bux Chandio, Senator Muhammad Akram along with senior officials from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, IT Companies, FBR, PTCL and others.

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