August 5, 2021

IMF Satisfied With Pakistan’s Efforts To Stabilize Economy

In a recent meeting of the IMF with the Finance Minister of Pakistan Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and Head of the State Bank Mr. Raza Baqir, the IMF commended Pakistan’s efforts on trying to resolve the economic issues faced by Pakistan.

The IMF Directors from the G-7 countries expressed their satisfaction over the efforts of Pakistan and commended the policies of the government, including the austerity measures and the government policies to broaden the tax net of the country.

The also commended the government’s efforts to help poor through the social safety programs launched by Pakistan. The IMF directors also hailed the government’s efforts to cut down expenditures by reducing imports.

Abdul Hafeez and Raza Baqir also held meetings with the head of the IMF David Lipton in Washington, the officials of the World Bank and IFC and discussed the economy of Pakistan and ways to improve it.

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