November 29, 2021

Improved Law And Order Situation Sends A Positive Message To Investors: OICCI

The perception of Pakistan in the international market has improved due to many factors. According to a survey conducted by the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI), the law and order situation in the country has improved now and this is attracting more investors.

The OICCI conducted a survey recently and according to their results; the law and order situation in Balochistan has improved 40% and 70% in Karachi and Lahore, which is home to many of the OICCI members.

OICCI said that they were visiting the country much more often now, that the security conditions have improved. They further said, “The increase in visits is a vote of confidence in the improved security environment. This secure environment has allowed many foreign business visitors and trade delegations being granted travel permissions for their visits to Pakistan from their respective embassies and travel security agencies.”

Although the report sends a positive image of Pakistan overall, but it did highlight the increase in street crimes, the Baloch militants suicide attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, religious and communal attacks in Balochistan and the tensions between India and Pakistan.

The annual survey is one of the key reports that attracts investors in the country, with the report in Pakistan’s favor, it can be assumed that foreign investment may rise in the coming months.

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