August 4, 2021

Imran Khan’s Scheduled Visit To China Starts Today On Oct 7

The PM Imran Khan’s visit to China starts today on Oct 7, 2019, and he has five main agendas that he wants to put forward to the Chinese authorities, which are as follows:

  • He plans to give control of the Pakistan steel mills to China in a government-to-government deal in an effort to restart the mill. However, the details of the plan have not been finalized yet. One thing is clear that if such a step is proceeded with, Pakistan would have to give full control of the steel mills to China, which would include giving the Chinese full governing rights as well.
  • His plans to secure financing for the multi-billion dollar Railway Line ML-1, which would link Karachi to Peshawar.
  • He also plans to secure financing for the Bunji Hy-dropower project.
  • He plans to discuss the social sectors related projects, under the umbrella of CPEC.
  • Agricultural projects under the CPEC would also be under discussion.

On the other hand, the Chinese side wants to see the development of a CPEC projects authority. The government was already planning to form a body that would only focus on the progress of CPEC related issues. Another ordinance that Pakistan’s government is working on is the transit trade issue from Gwadar port and this point is planned to be discussed with the Chinese authorities as well. The parliament has stressed that every decision made in the meeting should first be brought to the floor of the house for debate, otherwise it would undermine the importance of the parliament.

Sources said that it is not clear whether the PM would discuss anything with the Chinese authorities regarding the Special Economic Zones, established at Gwadar. Experts say that these zones can be a huge attraction for Chinese investments.

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