November 29, 2021

Legal Notices Will Be Issued To 100,000 Non-Filers: Shabbar Zaidi

In a press conference in Islamabad on July 28, 2019, FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi has said that notices will be sent to almost 100,000 non-filers who own a house larger than 500 square yards and own vehicles over 1000cc.

The government had been continuously extending the last date for the filing of income tax and the deadline now stands on August 2. Mr. Shabbar Zaidi added that he wanted to facilitate people in getting their assets declared and the people should avail the benefits being provided and should avoid getting into difficulties for not filing their assets.

The Chairman added that almost 2.1 million people had submitted their returns, which is the highest number of return filers in the history of Pakistan. Moreover, FBR is gathering data of almost 8-10 million people who own a house bigger than 500 yards and own a vehicle of above 1000cc.

Zaidi said that the government wants to increase the tax net to a reasonable level. He added that the notices would be sent in phases. First, the richer segment will be targeted and then the comparatively lesser income one. He added that the notices would be sent electronically using the available phone numbers and the email addresses, in the first phase.

Zaidi said that FBR is also gathering data of all people on whose name a commercial or industrial utility bill is issued. Under the 181-A clause of the income tax law, commercial and industrial gas and electricity users must be apart of the Active taxpayer’s list. According to estimates, there are almost 341,000 people with either a commercial or an industrial utility connection.

Zaidi further added that the people are now supporting the government’s efforts to increase the tax net and want the non-filers to become a part of the system now. He added that with better implementation of policies the government will be able to reach it’s an ambitious target to generate 5.4 trillion in revenues.

He said that the collection in the coming two months is very important, as this will set the tone for the rest of the year.

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