November 29, 2021

Nab Is Working For Facilitation Of Business Community: Chairman Nab

Chairman NAB Justice (R) Javed Iqbal, while addressing a meeting of in the Chamber of commerce said that the NAB is a people-friendly organization and focuses on the case and not the face. He added that NAB would not let the criminals get away, who looted from the poor.

He also said that the cases regarding tax evasions are being forwarded to the FBR and the NAB’s focus would remain on money laundering and looting. He added that they were investigating those types of individuals who had nothing in the 1980s and now own flats in Dubai without any money trail.

He added that the NAB officials are carrying investigation without any bias. He also said that the grievances regarding NAB being a hurdle in the business operations are not true and NAB is conducting investigations without any bias. He said that special desks have been formed to address the complaints of the business persons and they provide assistance within 24 hours of filing of the complaint.

The business community had great differences with the workings of NAB and it was one of the main issues under discussion in the recent meeting of the COAS and the businesspersons. The chairperson said that they were working for the facilitation of business. He also added that NAB had recovered almost Rs22 billion in the last 2 years from different corrupt elements and many corruption cases are in the pipeline. He added that NAB respects the self-respect of the accused and adopts a policy of innocent till proven guilty.

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