August 4, 2021

Amid the deteriorating health of the former PM Nawaz Shareef, the High Court of Pakistan had released him on bail without any travel restrictions. The former premier stayed in the Services Hospital for a couple of weeks where his doctors were not able to cure his disease and Nawaz Shareef’s platelet count kept on decreasing to critical levels. Finally the Chief Doctor of Nawaz Shareef, Dr Adnan Khan said that Nawaz Shareef’s disease is not curable in Pakistan and some tests need to be performed, which cannot be performed in Pakistan. He added that we have exhausted all the available option in Pakistan and he has to be taken abroad for further treatment.

One of Shareef’s family sources said that, “We are making arrangements for Mian sahib’s travel to London on Sunday. We are consulting Doctors to take him on-air ambulance or a regular PIA flight or a foreign airliner.”

Maryam Nawaz would not be accompanying her father as her passport had been confiscated by the High Court and remains in the court’s possession. Few family members and Nawaz’s physician Dr. Adnan would accompany him for his flight abroad.

Maryam Nawaz said that, “Mian Sahab’s condition is very critical and he must go abroad for diagnosis of his disease and treatment. Doctors of the government and private medical boards have exhausted all the options and they have unanimously recommended his treatment abroad.” She further said that those who are saying that any deal has been made between Nawaz Shareef and the current government should be ashamed of themselves.

Commenting on the issue, PM Imran Khan said that, “The government has no issue concerning Nawaz Shareef’s travel abroad. We want him to go abroad and have the best treatment out there.”

Muhammad Asad

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