November 29, 2021

Nine Indian Soldiers Killed In Response To The Cease Fire Violation By Indian Side: ISPR

According to the ISPR, nine soldiers of the Indian Army were killed due to the response from the Pakistani side to the Cease Fire Violations from the Indian forces along the Kashmir LOC. The Indian forces on Oct 20, 2019, at around 1 pm, opened fire on the Jura, Shah kot and Nousehri  Khuiratta and Kot khetra Tatta Pani sectors along the Line of Control. Due to the indiscriminate firing of the Indian forces, 1 Pakistani soldier and 5 civilians were martyred. In a series of tweets, the DG ISPR said that the Indian adventure has been befittingly responded to and said that 9 soldiers of the Indian army were killed in response to the ceasefire violation.

He added that the Indian forces targeted the civilian population to justify their claim of targeting the launch pads of Jihadis. He said that any media channel or Indian embassy official can come and see with their own eyes that there are no such camps along the border and these claims by the Indian side are completely false. He added that any international body can visit Pakistan’s side of Kashmir, which a luxury is not provided by the Indian authorities in their side of the Kashmir. He also said that the Indian media should learn from the ethos of Pakistani media regarding reporting facts. He said that any such adventure would be befittingly responded.

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