November 29, 2021

No-Deal Brexit A Distinct Possibility: Mina Andreeva (Eu Spokesperson)

As October 31st approaches, the European Bloc fears that Britain is moving closer towards a no-deal Brexit. The bloc’s top officials have warned citizens and businesses to be ready for a No-deal Brexit. Experts suggest that either there would be a re-election on October 14 or the No-deal Brexit would occur on October 31.

European Commission spokesperson Mina Andreeva said that, “our working assumption is that there would be Brexit on October 31.” She added that, “No-deal Brexit is a very distinct possibility, which is precisely why we launched this final call to be prepared in case a no-deal Brexit occurs.” She said the best outcome of all this would be a Brexit, based on a negotiated agreement. Currently the Brexit talks are occurring on every Wednesday and Friday.

The deal between the EU bloc and Boris Johnson has been rejected 3 times over the issue of the Irish backstop by the British Parliament. Johnson has said that Britain wants the condition of Irish Backstop removed from the agreement. Irish Backstop means that the EU would treat Ireland as part of the EU and Northern Ireland, which is a part of Britain, would be treated as a non-EU member, just as Britain, if Brexit occurs. The EU wants to hold the invisible border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The British, on the other hand, fear that this would tie the UK and its territories in Northern Ireland to the EU’s trading rules.

The EU diplomats, negotiating the Brexit deal with Britain, claim that Britain is not coming up with any plans to solve the Irish Backstop issue and the commission is becoming increasingly frustrated with this behavior of the British negotiators. They said that Johnson was only coming up with plans of border control for citizens and he is not discussing the issue of trade after Brexit, at the Northern Ireland Border. The EU diplomats doubt that even after 3 years of failed negotiations, Britain can come up with a plan for the Irish Backstop issue.

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