November 29, 2021

No New Withholding Tax On Bikes And Rickshaws: FBR

The FBR said in a statement that news of new withholding taxes being levied on bikes and rickshaws is fake and baseless. FBR said that the government is trying to facilitate the lower-income segment of the society and has not levied any tax on bikes or rickshaws under the section 231-B and 234 of the Income Tax ordinance of 2001.

Rumors were that the FBR has implemented withholding tax on bikes and rickshaws and hence, increasing the registration prices of bikes by Rs 3,400 to Rs 20,900.

FBR official Mr. Hameed Ateeq Sarwar said that the lower-income segment would not be subject to the increase in motor vehicle taxes. He added that the government’s austerity measures would not be focusing on the lower-income segment of the society and the government is planning to facilitate the poor as much as possible.

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