August 5, 2021

Number Of Tax Filers In The Country Reaches 2.5 Million: Shabbar Zaidi

Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said during a media briefing that the number of tax filers in the country has reached 2.5 million, which is the highest ever in the country’s history. He said that this is the result of several steps taken by the government and the FBR.

He added that the FBR took several steps to facilitate the citizens in the filing of returns, for instance, the launching of software to monitor sales tax returns and excise duties, simplification of the tax declaration form, efforts for centralizing the process of transfer of money and conducting several surveys to improve the new inducted systems.

Commenting on CNIC based invoicing policy of the government, Zaidi said that the policy will remain in effect and the government would act on the due procedure, based on this CNIC based purchasing data, in September 2019. He also urged the doctors, engineers, lawyers and private schools to become a part of the tax net. He added that the PM has ordered strict actions against unregistered assets and has directed the concerned authorities to identify undeclared assets to bring them into the tax net.

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