November 29, 2021

OGRA Issues 98 Gas Distribution Licenses And 9 OMCs Permits

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), in light of the increase in LPG consumption, has issued 98 distribution permits to expand the distribution network and assure the timely supply of LPG, to meet the increase in demand.

According to a report compiled by OGRA, the LPG consumption in different parts of the country amounted up to 40,921 metric tons in 14 months.

OGRA has also issued nine licenses for establishing Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), who will invest Rs 4.5 billion in the country. These OMCs will work to establish new oil storage facilities and six of these companies will start to market their oil after the establishment of storage and distribution facilities.

OGRA says that the new entrants in this industry will make the industry more competitive, which will ultimately benefit the end consumer. Furthermore, it will also increase the storage capacity of the country and improve the supply chain structure of the oil.

These OMCs have been granted permission to work in several areas, including Sahiwal, Habibabad, Mehmoodkot, Machike, Daulatpur, Port Qasim, Shikarpur, Kotlajam, and Pattoki.

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