November 29, 2021

PAK-US Relation Have Been Reset: Foreign Office Of Pak

The foreign office on Thursday said that the US and Pakistan relations have been reset, as the Trump administration wants to work in collaboration with Pakistan to solve its issues in the region. A spokesperson for the foreign office Dr. Muhammad Faisal told in his weekly media briefing that the relations with the US were now back on track. He added that we did not get the same ‘do more’ rhetoric from the US this time and the US has termed the visit a success too.

It was the first time that Pakistan accepted on a global level that the initial intelligence of the location of Osama Bin Ladin was given to the US by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI. Faisal said that we gave the same statement back then and we say the same thing now. However, when asked about whether the agencies knew of the US operation in Abbottabad, Dr. Faisal said that only the intelligence agencies could comment on that.

Dr. Faisal added that Pakistan welcomes the offer made by President Trump to arbitrate the Kashmir issue but he was surprised by the reaction from the Indian side. Dr. Faisal said that India should act more maturely and should move towards solving the decade’s long dispute.

Moreover, Dr. Faisal said that Pakistan was doing it’s best to facilitate the dialogue process between the US and the Taliban and would continue to do so. Pakistan’s efforts in the peace talks were also commended by the US as they too want to end the dispute. Dr.Faisal added that the solution of Afghanistan should be ‘Afghan-owned and Afghan-led.’

Dr. Faisal added that the new ties with the US would not affect Pakistan’s relations with either China or Iran. He said that Pakistan is observing the developments in the Strait of Hormuz very closely and want the opposing parties to come to a solution peacefully and not raise further tensions in the region.

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