August 4, 2021

Pakistan achieved Almost All Economic Targets, Set For Current Quarter Of FY 2019

On Saturday 14th of September, PM Imran Khan called a meeting of high-level government officials to assess the situation of the economy in the current quarter of FY2019. The PM had directed his economics team to have clear targets for each quarter. The members informed the PM that the targets set for the 1st quarter have been almost achieved. They also highlighted the 38pc reduction in the trade deficit and the progress made in the social safety net programs.

The members told the PM that they had met almost all of the IMF conditions for the current quarter. The IMF Director Communications Gerry Rice said that an IMF staff-level team would be visiting Islamabad in the next few days to hold talks regarding the targets set by the IMF. The members also highlighted the importance of revival of state institutions to improve the economy and avoid the massive losses caused by these institutions.

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