August 4, 2021

Economic Affairs Minister Hammad Azhar, while addressing a parliamentary panel regarding the FATF Grey Listing of Pakistan, said that Pakistan might remain on the grey list even after February 2020. He said that the matter has become politicized and the country might still be on the grey list even after complying with all the FATF conditions.

Pakistan had complied to varying levels on 23 out of 27 FATF conditions. Commenting on that point Hammad Azhar said that country’s with 80% compliance rate had been removed from the grey list, while Pakistan case was being dealt differently. Hammad Azhar said that Afghanistan’s name is still not in the list. The minister further added that, “Pakistan faces greater challenges than many other countries because of it’s risk profile.” He further added that, “Pakistan is being viewed from a very high threshold; there is a political element to this.” He said that Pakistan might remain in the list until October 2020.

He added that Pakistan would submit the next compliance report on Dec 7 to the Asia Pacific Group (APG) of the FATF and the APG would give it’s feedback on December 17. Then Pakistan would have to prepare a response on the feedback b January 7, 2020. A technical team from Pakistan would then meet the APG officials in the third week of January to discuss any shortcomings in the report, before the final meeting in February.

Muhammad Asad

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