August 4, 2021

Pakistan’s Fruit Exports Rise By 4.12%

Pakistan’s fruit exports mounted up to $415.978 million in 2019 with almost 768,202 metric tons of product being exported worldwide. The country has witnessed a 4.12% growth in fruit exports as compared to the previous year when Pakistan exported 696,648 metric tons worth $399.515 million.

According to analysts, Pakistan’s fruit exports should be no less than $5 to $6 billion every year. However, due to poor farming practices, poor road infrastructure and mismanagement, Pakistan loses almost half of its total production.

The data also revealed that vegetable exports witnessed a 2.31% decline in exports as compared to the previous year. Pakistan exported 1.029 million metric tons of vegetables worth $234.845 million this year as compared to 880,848 metric tons of vegetables exported last year, worth $240.4 million.

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