November 29, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the law ministry to form legislation for limiting NAB’s powers and said that the draft should be made as soon as possible. The PM had taken the decision after hearing multiple reports of misuse of power by the NAB officials. The PM plans to restrict NAB from going after bureaucrats, whether serving or retired, unless and until they have solid evidence of corruption against them.

The PM took the decision after Chief and Federal Secretaries held a meeting with him and informed him regarding the misuse of power by NAB officials. They said that they were unable to do their work due to the harassment of NAB officials. Earlier the PM had said that the NAB should differentiate between corruption charges and decisions taken in good faith.

PM’s Advisor on establishment was contacted by ‘The News’ officials in this regard and he said that he did not know about the PM’s directives to the law ministry for drafting any legislation, but he can confirm that the PM promised the secretaries that their grievances would be addressed soon. He further added that a draft for such legislation is already in place and could be placed in front of the cabinet anytime for issuance of ordinance.

Muhammad Asad

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