August 4, 2021

PM Imran Wishes To Put 500 People Behind Bars To Curb Corruption

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan while addressing the Chinese officials yesterday gave a controversial statement regarding the state of corruption in Pakistan and said that he too would like to jail 500 corrupt people in Pakistan to curb corruption in the country, just as China did. He said that, “President Xi waged one of the biggest crusades against corruption and I want to do the same, but unfortunately our system is too cumbersome to handle it.” He highlighted the recent Chinese corruption case in which a mayor had stacked a huge quantity of gold in the basement of his house and he was convicted in just 5 days.

These statements from the PM had a huge backlash in Pakistan, with the opposition exploding on the PM because of his irresponsible comments. Experts argued that whom do they want to jail? The government has already jailed the top leadership of the major political factions of the country and have provided little or no proof against them in courts. Experts further added that institutions of Pakistan already have a lot of space to work and legislation is needed to limit their jurisdiction rather than increasing it. Analysts say that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) already has the authority to keep a person in custody for 90 days and the institutions have more than enough power to act against corruption cases. The opposition further blamed the government for witch-hunting and said that the government should focus on its own ranks first and then move on to others.

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