November 29, 2021

Private Sector To Support Indigenous Defence Production: Establishment

Pakistan’s armed forces are now experiencing the harsh reality of the economic conditions of the country. Hence, for FY 2019-20, they voluntarily decided not to increase their budget. The budget for the military in the FY 2018-19 was PKR 1.1 trillion and 1.15 trillion for FY 2019-20. Moreover, the Prime minister has asked the establishment to form a task force to work on plans for producing defence equipment indigenously, with the help of the private sector. The task force will be headed by the PM himself.

In a two day seminar named ‘National Defence Production-Security through Self-Reliance’, the establishment emphasized the importance of producing defence equipment on an indigenous basis and asked the private sector to contribute to the efforts.

The officials highlighted that the private sector can contribute massively to the technological development of the industry. The seminar was aimed at finding new ways of increasing indigenous defence production and exploring the potential of the private sector in this regard.

The seminar’s agenda also included finding solutions to the challenges faced by the local defence industry. The seminar focused not only on providing solutions at the basic level but policies to boost indigenous production were also on the agenda.

The seminar was attended by members of different public and private organizations, the chamber of commerce and industry, members of the defence production industry and academic institutions.

The COAS himself addressed the seminar and highlighted the importance of public-private relationships. He also thanked the members for their participation.

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