November 29, 2021

PTI To Build Country’s First Produce Exchange At Lakhodair

The regional fruit market in Badami Bagh Lahore was originally established in 1969 on a 250 kanals area. Due to increasing demand, produce and congestion issues in the market, a plan was proposed by Hamza Shahbaz to Mian Shehbaz Shareef in 2014, to expand the market.

The then CM bought and allocated 1045 kanals land in Lakhodair costing PKR 350 million and decided to shift the BadamiBagh market there, and plans were in the pipeline to expand the facility further by procuring an additional 560 kanals of land in 2018.

However, the current government of PTI had other plans for the land at Lakhodair. The government did not approve further PKR 160 million for the procurement of 560 kanals of additional land. PTI has further decided not to shift the Badami Bagh fruit market there. Instead, PTI has plans to convert the area into the country’s first produce exchange, by the help of the ADB.

The auction market would be built as per international standards, with cold room facilities and all other such facilities required for such a market.

The Badami Bagh market, upon the completion of the produce exchange at Lakhodair, will be awarded the status of a wholesale market.

All these steps are being taken following the agriculture policy of PTI proposed by Jahangir Tareen and such auction markets are planned to be developed in Rawalpindi, DG Khan and Hafizabad.

According to sources, the auction markets in Lakhodair and other places will cost up to PKR 22 billion to build. PTI has further decided to shift the Badami bagh market somewhere else.

PTI has said that they were very much aware of the agricultural sector situation of the country and have therefore allocated a PKR 309 billion aid package for the sector, which will be utilized to launch other such projects.

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