November 29, 2021

Shabbar Zaidi Might Be Replaced By The PM

Shabbar Zaidi has been working as Chairman FBR since May 6, 2019. Recently there have been rumors circulating that Shabbar Zaidi might be replaced from his current position and be shifted to the higher post of Minister for Revenue. The Revenue Minister seat is vacant, as former Revenue Minister Hammad Azhar has been recently appointed as the Minister for Economic Affairs.

Shabbar Zaidi said that he did not want to comment on this matter and the PM will decide if he will be relocated to another position or not.

The appointment of the FBR Chairman can be due to the recent tensions between the government and the trader’s associations as well. The government has been trying to implement a new taxation structure, which has failed so far. The traders are not happy with the new policies and have even resorted to extreme measures such as nationwide shutter down strikes.

Furthermore, the FBR’s top officials are not satisfied with Zaidi as well. They complain that they are not taken into confidence when any major decisions or policies are being made. The officials are not happy about their relocations as well. Zaidi commenting on the relocation of top officials said that they are implementing a long-term strategy and officials will continue to work under the present conditions until the appointments are not finalized.

According to top government officials, the replacements for FBR Chairman are already under consideration. According to Dawn, the experts being considered for the post are as follows:

Jahanzaib Khan, who has already declined offers for the cabinet and the secretary of Economic Affairs positions.

  • Younas Dagha, who is a former Secretary of Finance.
  • Ms. Seema Shakeel, member for Inland Revenue Operations.
  • Javed Ghani, who is currently working as Additional Secretary Finance.
  • Mujtaba Memon,  from the customs department.

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