October 28, 2021

Commenting on the issue of Sindh government not allowing the private companies to enter the transport business, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Information, Law and Anticorruption Senator Murtaza Wahab said that the province has not taken any such step and is legislating to facilitate such companies.

The matter started when a local columnist Bina Shah tweeted an image of a poorly maintained bus being used for public transport and accused the government of not allowing startups like SWVL and Airlift to operate in the city due to the ‘vehicle fitness certificate’ issue.

Bina Shah said that, “So the Sindh government banned Swvl and Airlift, private run transport companies, on the basis of missing ‘vehicle fitness certificates’. Meanwhile, this is the kind of bus that runs on the roads of Karachi.”



Answering to the tweet, Senator Murtaza Wahab said that, “The news of SWVL and Airlift is incorrect. On the contrary, the Sindh government is in the process of introducing a law regulating these private enterprises after consulting all stakeholders. Hopefully, we will become the first province to recognize and regulate such enterprises.”

Airlift officials said that they are a local company and would keep the revenue inside the country. The government should allow them to operate and this step would even reduce the import bill of the country as well. Airlift has become the first Pakistani startup to raise more than $12mn for their Series A financing.


Muhammad Asad

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