November 29, 2021

Telenor Gears Up To Bring 5G To Pakistan

According to a statement issued by Telenor Pakistan on Thursday, August 8, 2019, the company is working with it’s partners to be the first company to bring 5G network services to Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan took it’s first steps towards 5G technology last year by replacing it’s network from core legacy architecture with a virtualized hybrid core. The company is also the only one to be operating a 4.5G network, which shows Telenor being far ahead from it’s competitors in the technological arena.

Mr. Irfan Wahab khan, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Pakistan said that, “as Pakistan gears up for future technologies that will be integrated into governance, businesses and people’s lives, the role of 5G becomes imperative.” He further added that, “we look forward to continued government support as a digitization partner for adequate spectrum allocation and penetration of 5G over the next few years.”

The Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Pakistan said in a media briefing at the Headquarters of Telenor Pakistan that, “Staying devoted to our vision of empowering the people, we have made use of innovative technologies to bring them newer and better opportunities.”

The 5G network, offering almost 1 GB/sec data transfer speeds, would be a huge productivity booster for businesses and hence, will make the small businesses more competitive and efficient and would also provide huge opportunities to the common person.

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