November 29, 2021

Traders Associations Still Not On One Page Regarding The Strikes In August

Traders associations throughout the country are planning to go on strike after Eid Al Azha, to protest against the government’s decision of fixed taxation scheme and CNIC based invoicing. However, there are still a few trade associations who do not agree with the decision to go on another strike and think that the only way forward is to be in continuous negotiations with the government.

In the last strike on July 13, Karachi witnessed a partial shutdown, owing to differences between different trade bodies. To avoid the same situation, a meeting of all trade bodies was conducted in Karachi, but the differences still remained.

An official of the Karachi Tajir Action Committee (KTAC), Mr. Sharjeel  Gopalani said that his association was in favor of holding discussions with the FBR and they did not want to go on strike and that All Pakistan Markazi Anjuman Tajiran(APMAT) officials had not contacted them for their participation in the strikes.

President of the Karachi Electronic Dealers Association (KEDA) Mr. Mohammad Irfan Rizwan said that they will discuss the matter further among themselves before making any decision. However, KEDA successfully carried out the July 13 strike, in which the electronics market in Karachi was shut down completely.

Chairman All Karachi Tajir Itehad (AKTI), Mr. Atiq Mir said that some trade bodies were still in negotiations with the FBR and do not want to participate in the countrywide strike. He added that the government’s fixed tax policy was not fair and the government should consider the method of taxation based on sales tax volume.

The APMAT General Secretary Mr. Naeem Mir said that Chairman Khwaja Mohammad Shafiq is going to Karachi to gain the support of different trade bodies to gather more support for the shutter down strike in August.

President of Markaz-e-Tanzeemi Tajiran Pakistan Mr.Kashif Chaudhry said that he has been trying to contact all trade bodies who had complained that they received no call for participation in the strike. He said that he was negotiation with different bodies and will try to gather as much support for the strike as he can.

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