October 28, 2021

Turkey Halts Military Operations In Syria; Declares A Five Day Cease Fire

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed with the US Vice President Mike Pence and has agreed to halt the operations in northeast Syria for the next five days. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have pulled back from the 32km safe zone declared by Turkey. General Mazloum Kobane of the SDF confirmed the ceasefire deal while talking to a private media channel. However, the Kurdish people in Syria were not happy with the deal and argued that the peace deal has given the Turkish everything they were fighting for.

Kurdish political leader Saleh Muslim said that, “Our people did not want this war. We welcome the ceasefire, but we will defend ourselves in the event of an attack. Ceasefire is one thing and surrender is another thing, and we are ready to defend ourselves. We will not accept the occupation of northern Syria.” Another political leader Aldar Xelil said, “We have previously stated that Turkey’s proposal for entering a depth of 30km inside Syrian territories is rejected.”

The US Vice President has said that, US and Turkey have mutually committed to a peaceful resolution and future of the safe zone. Pence said that the US would not impose further sanctions on Turkey. Donald Trump said that millions of lives have been saved and peace would prevail in the area. Following is the picture of the letter sent by Donald Trump to the Turkish President;

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