November 29, 2021

Us-China Deputy Level Trade Talks End On A Bad Note

US-China, two days deputy level trade talks in Washington, scheduled from 19-20 September 2019, ended in high tensions, as the Chinese delegation canceled their scheduled visit to the US farms. The major contention in the talks was that the Chinese increase their buying of agricultural products from the US and in return, the US would ease some tariffs on Chinese goods.

The Chinese delegation canceled their visit to the US farms and returned to China earlier than scheduled. This gave rise to tensions as the general public’s perception developed that the negotiation was unsuccessful, and stock markets started to feel it’s effect. The US officials are still positive that the talks would result in some positive outcome. Analysts suggest that the deputy level talks do not hold that much significance and the high-level negotiations in October would pave the way for the future of the trade conflict.

The Chinese delegation was of the view that they want the US to reduce tariffs first and not just expect the Chinese to ease tariffs without any benefits. Chinese delegation has said that for any deal to be made the US would have to remove all tariffs from the Chinese goods first and the deal would then be negotiated on equal grounds.

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