October 28, 2021

US Military Commanders Prepare plans for a Syrian style sudden withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

After the order of the American President for a sudden withdrawal of US troops from Syria, the Pentagon is planning to ready it’s troops for sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan as well, should the President order the same in Afghanistan. The military chiefs have begun planning for quick evacuation from the country taking not months but just weeks. The officials said that the military has made contingency plans for such a move, but any such orders have not been received yet.

Donald Trump is of the view that the war in Afghanistan is turning into an endless war costing the country billions. He shocked the commanders and allies in December 2018, when he ordered the withdrawal of almost 5000 US troops in Afghanistan. The US military commander in Afghanistan Gen Austin Miller said that the size of his forces has been silently reduced by 2000 to almost 13,000 to 12,000 troops. Officials say the number could fall even below 9,000.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has huge significance in the US-Taliban dialogue. However, if the US suddenly plans to withdraw, then this can reduce the advantage of US negotiators in the talks with the Taliban.

Donald Trump said that he was elected as the president to bring the soldiers home and put an end to these endless wars. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan could give trump a huge edge in the upcoming 2020 US elections. Officials said that the situation in Afghanistan is very different from that on Syria and it’s unlikely that Trump would order such a move in Afghanistan as well.

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