November 29, 2021

US Reportedly Planning to Deploy Tanks In Syria to ‘Protect the oil fields’

The US is planning on moving towards the Conoco gas plant near the city of Deir Ezzor, by deploying more heavy equipment in that area, to ‘protect the oil fields’ there. The US is reportedly planning to deploy tanks, heavy artillery and other heavy military hardware in that area which would reverse the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The tanks and other heavy weapons would likely come from the US troop’s regiments already stationed in the Middle East.

Aaron Stein who is the Director of the Middle East program said that, “It would mean walling off Eastern Syria as a US zone. You would have to protect it from the air, you would have to supply it and then you have to protect the road, presumably from Iraq. You can easily see a scenario where we end up with more troops in Syria than we started off with.”

Trump had even said on Thursday that, “Perhaps it is time for the Kurds to start heading towards to the oil region.” The remark came as the Kurdish people were forced to withdraw from their homeland due to the Turkish offensive in the Northern part of Syria.

International media channels in that area reported several families fleeing the area amid heavy bombardment to save themselves and their children. The people might never be able to return to their homes and would have to settle somewhere else in the country.

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