October 28, 2021

US Will Keep 8,600 Troops In Afghanistan Even After The Deal With Taliban: Trump

President Donald Trump, in an interview with Fox News, on Thursday 29th of August 2019, said that America would keep a presence in Afghanistan even after the deal with the Taliban is finalized. He said that 8,600 US troops would stay in Afghanistan to gather ‘high-level intelligence’, to make sure that the Taliban keep their end of the bargain. He said that the deal made with the Taliban is not based on trust and we will have to keep a presence there. He said that if any attack on US soil is originated from Afghanistan in the future, then the US would come back with a force that has never been seen before. He added that the US needs to make sure that the Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan are not used by Al-Qaeda or any other group to plot acts of terror in the US and hence a permanent presence in the country would be necessary. The US has currently 14,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan and if the deal is made between the opposing parties, the US would reduce the number of troops in the country to 8,600.

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