November 29, 2021

War With Iran Would Devastate The Global Economy: Muhammad Bin Salman

In an interview to a news channel, which was aired on Sunday, Muhammad Bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia said that a war with Iran would shock the world economy. He added that everything needs to be solved through dialogue with Iran and violence would do benefit to none. He added that if a war breaks out with Iran, it would affect 20% of the World’s energy supply, it would shut down the trade route which caters for almost 20% of the global trade and would devastate 4% of the global GDP. He said that situations like these would have an effect that would reach far beyond the Middle East and would increase the prices of energy far beyond our imaginations. He added that the US had blamed Iran for the Aramco oil facility drone attacks occurred on September 14, which is just a senseless act. He added that only a fool would attack 5% of the global fuel supply. He said that nobody could gain any strategic benefits from this and hence these are the actions of some fools. When asked about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, he said that he never ordered the killings. However, he said that as Jamal was murdered by Saudi government officials, he as the leader of the Saudi people accepts full responsibility for their actions. He said that he did never ordered the killing of Jamal.

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