November 29, 2021

In an interview to a local news channel, JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman warned of chaos and bloodshed if his demands are not met. He said that the Azadi marchers would not surrender nor attack someone, rather we would accept martyrdom. He said that, “There would be chaos in the country and I can’t say what might happen next, we are ready to sacrifice our lives, we will not leave, who do you think we are ?”

He said that protests would not end until this incompetent government leaves. However, Chaudhry Shujat conducted meetings with Maulana and said that he is negotiating alternatives to the resignation demand. He added that the alternatives would be shared once something is finalized.

However, Maulana said in his interview that, “I want to make it clear, I’ve drawn a red line, until and unless we oust this incompetent and illegitimate government, we will not leave. We want fresh elections, nothing else is acceptable. Hold free and fair elections, which do not have interference from the military.” Commenting on the meetings with Chaudhry brothers, he said that, we are not negotiating for a deal with anyone but if somebody comes to us, we do not turn them back.”

Fazal also said that he did not want the army to be politicized and neither does he want them to organize the elections. He said that new elections should be conducted under the supervision of the election commission.

Muhammad Asad

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